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Why Titanium Solar?

Pay no upfront costs.

We offer a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in which you get all the benefits of cheaper solar power on your roof with no upfront costs, down payments, or loans.

With this model, you can get our best solar panels on your roof, but we take all the responsibility for ownership. You sign a contract in advance that guarantees a locked-in low rate for you to buy inexpensive solar from our system, which will be much lower than buying power from your utility provider, especially over time.

Save money and save the planet.

We’re dedicated to serving and protecting the earth by making sure that you always have access to the best solar at the right prices. We offer you options to fit your needs, world-class installation, and a personal touch because we actually care.

Our mission is to save the planet by going solar and saving your family money.

The smartest, easiest way.

With our proven track record and many thousands of happy families with successful installs, Titanium Solar has earned every rave review by continuing to provide the best service with flexible options.

You'll save money with the best solar prices, increase the value of your home, and can take peace of mind in our hassle-free installation and warrantied solar panels.


Create an energy system for your energy needs


Produce your own energy by harvesting the power of the sun. Each solar system is custom designed to fit your energy needs.


Store your solar energy and become less reliant on your energy company


Produce your own energy by harvesting the power of the sun.


Store your solar energy and become less reliant on your energy company


Store your solar energy and become less reliant on your energy company


Solving your home's energy needs

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See how much you can expect to save with solar.

Solar will be cheaper than your power bill - guaranteed.
Your power bill is a sunk cost, a payment you make every month that goes to the power company and you get nothing in return, except power. When you go solar power, you are paying for your solar panels so that month by month, you’re owning your own power. When your solar panels are paid off, then you have free solar power for life.
Solar can help you beat inflation.
Solar panels are a fixed cost, which means you own your solar power and the cost doesn't go up! Inflation makes everything go up in price because the dollar slowly loses its value, like how gasoline was only $1.50 per gallon in the year 2000. That wasn’t very long ago! By the time you finish paying off your solar at your low fixed-rate price, your power bill would have more than doubled. That’s a real savings.
Starting early will help with energy inflation too.
Every single state in the USA has experienced energy inflation, and will continue to. In California, the average price per kWh of electricity jumped from $0.07 cents per hour in the year 2001, to double that at $0.14 cents per kWh in 2021. Families who had the insight to go solar back in 2001 have enjoyed paying a much less expensive fixed rate on their solar loan – which is almost over and they will soon have free power for many years to come. The earlier you go solar, the more you can save!
Never pay for electricity from the grid again.
When you go solar power, your house is still hooked up to the power grid. That means that even at night, or during a rainstorm, you will always have power, the same as your neighbors. Net Metering is the way that you can produce extra energy during the daytime and sell it to your neighbors for credits, then use those credits when you need power from the grid. For instance, if your house uses 10,000 kWh of electricity per year, your solar power system should produce 10,000 kWh during the daytime. With the excess that you’re not using, you “sell” the energy back to the grid and your meter spins backward. When you need to use power at night, you simply swap those credits for electricity.


Questions? Get in touch with us and find out how Titanium Solar can save you thousands per year with clean, environmentally-conscious solar energy.

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