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What changes in April 2023 with NEM 3.0?

NEM 3.0 decreases the credits solar homeowners receive for the surplus energy they send back to the grid. Though the credit values vary depending on which company provides power in your area, on average, solar customers under NEM 2.0 enjoy a credit value of approximately $0.30 per kWh of surplus electricity - a number expected to decrease by 75% to only $0.07 per kWh under NEM 3.0.

Thankfully, current solar customers, and those who sign up before the April deadline, can hold onto their higher credit values - and Titanium Solar is here to help you get started. Download our FREE PDF above to find out how you can get started and save today.

Why Solar Today?

Since solar is so efficient, home owners see significant savings due to lower rates on their price per watt.

After making the switch we lock you in at a fixed rate, so unlike the utility companies, our rates always stay the same.

No cost programs allow for homeowners to save money immediately, without spending any money.